Turn on, Tube in.

Last Wednesday I told a TED audience of 250 people that the YouTube video platform was becoming the most important repository of documentary evidence about humankind in existence. It’s a bold statement, but I think it stands up. YouTube is now becoming a real-time window on world events through live streaming. It is already the…

Karibu Kibera

  Before going any further, the word Karibu means ‘welcome’ in Kiswahili, and it’s one you’re likely to hear on a regular basis here. This post issues after a flying visit to Nairobi, where I arrived on Friday after a long journey from Dublin with delays at both ends. In Amsterdam our engines wouldn’t start….

Digging Audio Slideshows

I solicited some advice via Twitter a few days back on what radio producers look for when it comes to audio file types and the like. Conn O’Muineacháin of Edgecast media was kind enough to spend about ten minutes chatting to me on the phone about the radio milieu and was hugely helpful, and complimentary….

Eolaí’s Studio

Eolai from Markham Nolan on Vimeo. Necessity is the mother of invention. The short video you see above is the result of keeping an open mind in a situation that didn’t exactly turn out as planned. Thanks to Liam for allowing me into his studio again. I love his work and it’s a real privilege…