Markham Nolan – About Me

My name is Markham Nolan.

Right now, I’m the Senior Director of Editorial, Growth & Engagement at CBS News Digital, tasked with bringing together teams of journalists, product specialists, engineers, marketers and more to grow the digital audiences for CBSN and Previously, I was Head of Visual Storytelling at Vocativ, having served as Managing Editor there when I joined. My team did stuff like this. Before that, I lived in Dublin, Ireland, where I helped build Storyful, the world’s first social media news agency and did a lot of this. NewsCorp bought Storyful for $25m, so they obviously liked what we built. If you want to understand more about me, I’m on LinkedIn.

I started out in media as a photographer in Dublin, but now I head up digital editorial units in New York. I have spent my life telling stories & teaching, using images and text to make sense of the world in creative ways. It started on boats. Now, it’s mostly on land, behind a desk.

Find me online and say hello.

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