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For the last few years I’ve been a solid lurker on the photography forum, which is a profound source of photographic help, information, inspiration and the rest.

I spotted a thread late in its development this week, suggesting a 24/7 challenge. The idea was that photographers would shoot images and the volunteer editors would produce a magazine with the results, all within a 24-hour period, on the 24th of the 7th, July 24.
I was planning on taking a stroll down to the Festival of World Cultures anyway, so the ‘kids’ (my cameras) came along.
A diversion at the start meant going to an olde-worlde jeweller with my Granddad to get his ancient watch repaired, and I snapped a few shots while there.
With the 24/7 theme,my pic of a watchmaker doing his job must have struck a chord, because there it is on the cover. I have another one inside, too.
The images inside the magazine far surpass what I produced in terms of technical skill and technique, and it’s a real honour to have been featured at all. Finding my pic on the cover this morning was very cool indeed.
Kudos to Tommy Kavanagh and Chris Collins for putting the end product together and making it look so damn fine.


  1. Hey you might want to update your code, the magazine had a slight error which needed to be fixed sorry about that.


  2. Thanks, Chris, done that.

    Would love to help with design/ layout next time around if you need a hand?

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