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Sister Sister

Ah, the wireless. Sure where would you be of an aul winter evening without the magic box in the corner?

I’d spent a long time looking for this old radio documentary I cobbled together for a college project when, finally, it appeared in an old clippings folder.

It’s an interview with my dad’s aunt Peggy, a Loreto sister who spent 43 years in Kenya with the order as a teacher. She crossed paths with Mother Teresa and taught a child,Wangari Maathai, who ended up winning a Nobel peace prize. Not a bad lifetime’s work.

I’ve started doing some podcasts for another website, and thought I’d throw this one up here for the record. Enjoy.

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  1. My aunt Peggy left Ireland before I was born.
    She turned up on our doorstep at very infrequent intervals as a relative and a stranger. I am sure her time in a Ireland as a member of a family well respected in Dublin society (her father was a famous surgeon) and then to complete poverty in Kenya would make a fascinating life history.

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