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Food For Thought

I’m hoping to make it to Rwanda in January, and as if reading my mind, a comms rep from Trócaire emailed me the below video along with a request to consider posting it online over the weekend. The video is a stark reminder of the power of something we all take for granted – food. Having just come home from America where the portions are simply obscene, the sight of a child rendered almost immobile by malnutrition is a stunning contrast.

Trócaire seem like late adopters of Youtube. Their official Youtube channel is relatively empty,  whereas their project channel from Uganda has plenty of uploads. This video is a good use of the medium, high-impact but not preachy, it uses strong imaged to convey a simple message – Food insecurity has an immense human impact. The video is part of Trócaire’s campaign against aid cuts was timed to coincide with World Food Day, a day hoping to highlight the fact that one-sixth of the world (more than 1 billion people) are currently malnourished. There’s a thought to digest over breakfast. The images (one of which I’ve nicked and posted above – sorry, Trish…) are similarly well thought-out.

I’ve been receiving more and more requests for links and posts to and from this blog in recent weeks, few of which escape the delete button, but Trish, from Trócaire, had clearly done some research and knew that I linked to Trócaire in the past, was aware of recent posts, and addressed me personally in the email. So, deservedly, here it is:

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