SBP piece – Survival Day

Link here to my piece that appeared in last Sunday’s Business Post on Survival Day, the Aboriginal celebration that takes place when the rest of Oz is celebrating the joys of white colonialism.

Top quote, from Aboriginal muso Kev Carmody, on the fact that Aboriginals were only included in the census, and brought under the protection of the laws that affected humans, after 1967:

‘‘Until I was 21, I was flora and fauna,” says Carmody, whose human existence was only recorded after he reached the age of majority.
‘‘We were claimed as flora and fauna under the federal constitution. I’m not a refugee, not an immigrant, not a displaced person or an asylum-seeker,” he says, but points out he had no human legal status.
‘‘They could do what they wanted to us, shoot us like dingos. My uncle was shot dead in 1949 – a bullet went into his back. On the death cert it said ‘death by misadventure’.”

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