Interview with John Connolly

connolly_250x253.jpgI had the pleasure of interviewing author John Connolly yesterday, far and away one of the most enjoyable interviews I’ve had in a long time. Interviews can be quirky, and as a journalist, you’re always conscious that you’re imposing on someone to fill space on a page and make a living. You feel like you’re under pressure to seem genuinely interested in the subject, even if that is genuinely the case. It’s akin to the crawling guilt you feel in the presence of GardaĆ­.

Of course, that means that you risk coming across as a venal, malingering hack, disinterestedly waiting for the sound bite before running off in a hissing fit of pleasure like Gollum with a ring.

Not so yesterday, John was eloquent and easy to talk to. Not being a huge crime fiction fan didn’t seem to matter, either, as we talked about the discipline of writing, the nature of journalism (he worked freelance for the Irish Times) and why people write. It’s clearly a passion for him, and you can see why readers and writers alike warm to him.

His blog, neatly patched into his official site, is here.

Full write-up in the Echo soon.

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